Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

To Ms. Sauer’s 1st Grade Class

Denby here.  Many people wonder about life here at the North Pole with Santa.  I have just received some excellent questions from Ms. Sauer’s 1st grade class at Wendt Elementary in Cathlamet, Washington.   They want to know:

1.  Is it cold every day of the year at the North Pole?  While it is mostly cold (and certainly very cold right now in December) we do have some pleasant days.  When the sun reaches its northern most point in the sky, on June 21st, the summer solstice, we have daylight all day.  In late June and early July, with all the sunlight, it is quite nice up here.

2.  Does Santa always wear his red suit or does he have other clothes?  Santa wears his red suit at the appropriate times.  But like every other human I have ever known, when Santa is relaxing he likes to wear a comfortable pair of old blue jeans.

3. Do the Claus’ have children of their own?  Yes, the Claus family has millions of children around the world.  That’s how Santa and Mrs. Claus describe it.  All the children are their children.

Thanks for asking!  I hope Ms. Sauer’s class enters the art contest.  I can tell by their questions they just might win.

Okay, back to work!  Christmas is in 22 days.


Happy Holidays Always,


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One Response

December 3, 2014
Lisa Sauer

Hi Denby,
Thank you for writing us! Thank you for the nice letter.
We are wondering if we can enter two big class pictures under two different categories—one with the geography and one with the apples. We are wanting to know because some of our kids want to work on the geography one and some want to work on an apple one.
Do you like Charvat even though she put a spell on you?
Do you always stay in the sleigh when Santa delivers gifts, or do you get to go down the chimneys with him?
We hope to hear from you soon. We love you Denby! (and Santa, too)

Ms. Sauer’s First Grade Class