Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

More Answers for Ms. Sauer’s 1st Grade Class

Denby here.  Ms. Sauer’s class has a few more questions, which I am pleased to answer.

1. Can the class enter two class pictures in the art contest – one for geography and one for apples?  Yes, each class can enter in as many categories as they want.

2. Do you like Charvat Blair even though she put a spell on you?  To be honest, I only tolerate Charvat, and only because she helps my good friend Blitzen every year.

3.  Do I stay in the sleigh when Santa delivers gifts, or do I go down the chimneys with him?  A good question.  We have found that all animals love Santa, and they don’t make noise when he delivers gifts.  But if I go down the chimney with him other dogs get jealous and bark and wake up the house.  So I stay in the sleigh.

I can’t wait to see your artwork.


Happy Holidays Always,


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