Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Elf – Rugby Football Game

Denby here.  The annual rugby football game was held last month.  I really love watching this match.  The rugby elves and the football elves take it so seriously! But at the same time, everyone is such a good sportsman.  There are no negative or mean spirited comments.  Ever.  That is how games should be played.  For the fun of it.

This year the football elves won.  Elfox was back from his special project to play quarterback again.  He threw three touchdown passes!  He  has a very accurate throwing arm.  The rugby elves scored two trys but they were one short.  The football elves won 21-14.

Everyone let off a lot of steam, and had a lot of fun.  But now that the annual game is over, we head into our busy period.  Toys, toys and more toys need to be made.  Which means I have to get back to work!


Happy Holidays Always,


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