Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

Dog Tags

Denby here. Do you use tags on your pets at home?
When I lived in San Francisco every dog I ever saw – me included – had a dog tag. I liked the idea of having my name and phone number on a tag for identification. If I got lost, I felt safe in knowing someone would be able to help me get home.  But up here, everyone at the North Pole knows me. And I’m certainly not going to get lost. I have no desire to wander out into the frozen tundra. (A dog tag wouldn’t help me out in the wild because there’s really no one to find you.)

So I don’t wear a dog tag. I suppose for humans it’s like not wearing a watch. When you do, it is part of you. But when you don’t, it’s one less thing to worry about.
I like not having to worry about a dog tag. But even more, I like being a part of a family where everyone knows me.


Happy Holidays Always,


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2 Responses

December 21, 2014

Hi Denby….I’m Ms. Sauer’s dog. Her class entered your art contest a couple of days ago. I am a Jack Riussell and I agree with you about wearing dog tags. I love wearing mine. It has saved me twice. Once I actually jumped out of my brother’s window when he was driving and ran away. Then some little girl called my mom and told her where I was. Another time I took a walk by myself and got lost. I wandered into a grocery store and they called the cops. When my mom came for me I was tied up to a jail cell! I was scared but happy that they knew who to call. I shouldn’t go off by myself I know, but I am sort of impulsive Always have been. Must be the Jack in me. Do you ever act without thinking first?
Merry Christmas Denby

December 24, 2014

Hollywood: You are lucky to have such a caring human. Not only did they give you a nice dog tag but they came and got you when you were lost. That makes you feel good. I have also acted impulsively, and it is great to have people around you who will help out if you somehow make the wrong choice. Have a great Christmas! Denby