Monday, December 15th, 2014


Denby here.

Do you know why some people hang apples on their Christmas tree?  Here at the North Pole, every tree has an apple on it. Some are glass blown ornaments shaped like apples, some are hand carved wooden apples. And a lot of our ornaments are actually apples. Real apples hung on the tree.  I had never seen an apple as a decoration until I came to the North Pole.   When I asked Blitzen about it, he said apples on a Christmas tree are a symbol of good health for the coming year. And then the big reindeer, who is always hungry, admitted he had eaten one or two apples off a tree before.
This took me by surprise.

When I asked Santa (without mentioning Blitzen or his actions) if it was okay to eat an apple off the tree he smiled. He said with all the chocolate and peppermint and peanut brittle around during Christmas, it was good to have an apple now and then, even if it was a tree decoration. Santa then laughed knowingly and said that Blitzen did it all the time.

What about you? Do you hang apples on your Christmas tree as a symbol of good health? And do you ever eat one of those apples now and then?


Happy Holidays Always,


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