A Christmas Story Starring Denby the Dog, a Wizard and Santa!

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Holiday Book for Kids Captures the Heart of Christmas

“The best kid’s story about Christmas Eve on the shelves – And it’s told by a Golden Retriever dog!”

A Christmas Book for Children Learning to Read

Santa Dog encourages children to read! What child can resist a tale about Santa, a dog, a wizard and a mystery about Christmas Eve? With its chapter book format, Santa Dog is reading practice and learning for children from ages 7 to 10. The story grabs a young reader’s attention. And holds it, page after page.

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For Family Read-Alongs – A Dog Tale for All Ages

Read aloud with your child for a Christmas tale that takes you right up to Christmas Eve. The story of Denby, the abandoned Golden Retriever, holds a child’s interest, and it’s bound to tickle you, too, as Denby travels to the North Pole and gets in the middle of one of Santa’s great mysteries: How does Santa Claus get all around the world in just one night?

Children’s Christmas Gift Book

Denby, Santa Dog, stumbles, quite literally, onto one of Santa’s greatest secrets: How Santa and the reindeer can fly all around the world and stop in every house in just one night. As children reach the age of reading, it’s a question that pops up in every family. This wonder-filled story, Santa Dog: The Incredible Adventures of Santa and Denby, has the answer, and the answer has a technology edge. This is a book for today’s tech-savvy children. Buy this great Christmas book for your family today!

Santa Dog Book Available in eBook and Print (Special edition with lesson plans for teachers as well!)

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Santa Dog: The Incredible Adventures of Santa and Denby was nominated December (2014)”Book of the Month” by Pacific Book Review.   Check out what they had to say about Denby and his adventures with Santa!   http://www.pacificbookreview.com/santa-dog/

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